Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Lights For Paris

Paris may be called the "City Of Lights" but since the attack on the 13th last Friday the rest of the world are offering lights to Paris. Buildings around the world even including our own sky tower has been lit up with the colours of the French flag to show support and love for Paris. A lot of people have lost their lives in the attack that took place last Friday around the French capital and heaps of world leaders have offered their support to France. Also Facebook is supporting this by getting people to change their profile picture to the colour of the flag which is red, blue & white. 
San Francisco City Hall – USA                                     Auckland’s Sky Tower – New Zealand
 Where My Photos Came From-


  1. Hi Ana!
    I liked reading your informative blurb on Paris. It's devastating that Paris was under attack. Thank you for the information because I wasn't so sure on what was happening at the moment in Paris. Do you know how many people died?

  2. Hello Anavea!
    I can't imagine what the Paris people are going through. Getting hit by bombs and getting shot must be very painful. Let's change the subject to something happy. Those pictures are very nice. Where did you find them from? Paris must be very proud and happy that everyone is supporting their country. Pray for Paris!