Thursday, 1 December 2016

Two Weeks Left!

It's finally the end of the term, officially two weeks left! Now testings are over, cultural group practices are going well and nearly done and dusted. It's going to be extremely hard to say 'goodbye' to this school. For all the eight years I've been at this school just thinking about having two weeks left makes me not want to leave. Sometimes I wish I could start over- start in Room 1 then travel all the way up to Room 12 again - just to experience it all for one last time! I'm sure going to miss all the teachers and our principal. After all the the time and effort they have put into teaching us I just want to say 'thanks', not just from me but from all of us students at Ruapotaka School. Thanks for spending your time printing out homework and giving us books to read at home to help build our knowledge of the world and reach a higher standard. Here is a movie from all of us. Room 12,  2016.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Celebrations Project

Three weeks ago Room 12 had to do a topic study about Celebrations. In our project we had to have a clear diagram, illustrations, subheadings and interesting information with labels that show the important features of our topic. Maranatha and I worked together as a team to complete our learning. Our topic is based on Tonga. It took us a lot of hard work and patience to get this done. We had to stay focused and get it done before the day it was suppose to be handed in. After all that researching and staying focused, we finally have accomplished our goal.  

Collaborative Writing

Last week Rooms 11 and 12 did collaborative writing. We had to write a description about a picture of a chimpanzee with a mirror. At first it was easy until we got told to work in groups. Now that's when it got hard! Having to put everyone's ideas into one story was difficult especially when we all had totally opposite ideas! But we worked as a team to make our story good and at the end of the day it worked. It was hard working with Room 11 but we enjoyed it.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2016

One week ago on the 9th of November most of Ruapotaka School students went by bus to Sylvia Park to watch the Manaiakalani Films for 2016. It was sad to see some students stay behind because of their behavior towards our teachers and classmates. When we arrived there six students including Maranatha and I had to speed walk inside the Cinema to find our seats. Maranatha and I were presenting an amazing film called " The Focuser " that half of our class made. Our film is related to our Olympics Inquiry learning we did back in Term 3. Check it out!

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

There's No Teacher?

Walking into class on Monday last week finding out that Mrs Golder was not there was very awkward. " Where's Mrs Golder? Who's our teacher? No school? " These questions were running through my mind at that very moment. Waiting till 8:55am in the morning for our teacher to arrive and still no teacher came! Then finally we got a note from another student in Room 11 that she was absent. After all that time waiting and investigating for our teacher was a waste of time!

Algebra Test

Today after morning tea we had an Algebra test to sit. Time was ticking, Mrs Golder was crossing out the times on the whiteboard I felt sweats coming down my face. I get nervous when I don't get nervous I always end up having a wonderful time. Lets just hope that I get a good mark!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Tips On Halloween

It's finally the last day of October after a very exhausting long 31 days of school work. It's time for Halloween. Here are some tips for Halloween.
1. All of us children get excited when it comes to Halloween, but you must remember to go with an adult. 
2. We have to admit we all have a lot of motivation when it comes to Trick or Treating right? Like who doesn't? It's Trick or Treating! But we all have to remember to be careful, it's dark, don't run just walk to avoid accidents. 
3. Most importantly never and I mean never walk into stranger's houses or cars! 
4. Halloween is on a school night so don't eat to much lollies. You still have a big day tomorrow so keep your brain on. 
5. Don't bring lollies back to school, keep them at home. You don't want your teachers eating them do you? No lollies at school.
Keep theses tips in mind for tonight. Don't go out too far and always stay with an adult.