Monday, 31 October 2016

Tips On Halloween

It's finally the last day of October after a very exhausting long 31 days of school work. It's time for Halloween. Here are some tips for Halloween.
1. All of us children get excited when it comes to Halloween, but you must remember to go with an adult. 
2. We have to admit we all have a lot of motivation when it comes to Trick or Treating right? Like who doesn't? It's Trick or Treating! But we all have to remember to be careful, it's dark, don't run just walk to avoid accidents. 
3. Most importantly never and I mean never walk into stranger's houses or cars! 
4. Halloween is on a school night so don't eat to much lollies. You still have a big day tomorrow so keep your brain on. 
5. Don't bring lollies back to school, keep them at home. You don't want your teachers eating them do you? No lollies at school.
Keep theses tips in mind for tonight. Don't go out too far and always stay with an adult. 

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