Thursday, 26 November 2015

Touch Rugby

Straight after morning tea we had our final session of touch rugby with Trevor. We have had 3 sessions with him and they were just fabulous.

On the first week we learnt some drills and some of the drills that we learnt was how to plant the ball, what a dummy half is,  pass and scoop. The second week came and that was the week when we were starting to play against each other in two teams with girls and boys.  

At last week three came. When we got there the girls had to split into 2 even teams and the boys had to do that as well. When we we in 4 groups one group from the boys and girls had to put some red bibs on.  When they were on both boy teams were first and they played against each other.  My favourite part was today when we played the game and we won.

For the last three weeks I have had a lot of fun.



  1. Hey Anavea , I really fun doing touch today and i'm so happy our team won . Do you have any other skills that Trevor didn't teach us ?